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Kopu Historic Bridge Upshot!

Those who have been dreading a weak-kneed response from Council to the forceful and blatantly emotional appeal made in the Chamber today can relax - nothing is going to happen.

The submitters used audio vision that included loud music that unfortunately drowned out what one submitter was saying. Then John (engineer) made an impassioned appeal for Council to fund a (another!) consultant to undertake a 20 year costing of the project before going off to NZTA to secure the $4m that is alledgedly available for maintanance based on the current cost of removal.

Gary Blake then gave a rather confused submission that included a great deal of hairy-fairy observations, promises, assurances, highly qualified appeals for solidarity etc, but almost nothing solid on which Council could sink its teeth. He constantly claims to be "only a scientist" and unqualified to comment of engineering or legal matters, but this did not appear to hinder him. 

What followed was a plethora of confused responses from most of those around the table. In her inimitable manner Cr Goudie started quoting sections of Acts that she, but no one else thought relevant. Leach spluttered and together with most of the others did his best to cover his political options in turn praising and criticising the submissions. Brljevich, French, and Bartley hastened to back both horses and only McLean and Fox showed real resolve by stating that they would vote for nothing that involved any risk of future liability for the Council.

In the end, Leach fell back on John Tredidga to save his skin - saying that TCDC would only support the Society's proposal on a 50/50 basis with Hauraki which he knows perfectly well has a snowball in hell chance of getting up. 

Whew - Great relief, but for some reason Gary and his crew thought they had had a win and left with much 'back-slapping' and congratulations for the amount of effort they had put in. 

End of story, mover, seconder - on yer way! Sad but true. Whatever the merit of this proposal, it will not fly while potential future liabiliy to dismantle the bridge devolves to TCDC. That is the reality, one that Gary seems reluctant to accept while advocating for TCDC 'ownership'. 




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