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Journalist Politicians

Every now and then Cam Slater nails a story, and he has certainly done it with this item he posted today regarding the unsurprising decision of Tamati Coffey to emerge from the Labour closet in order to stand for Roger McClay's Rotorua seat.

It doesn't matter which side of politics draws them in, though Labour does seem to predominate - the lack of a buffer between working journalism, and working the electorate raises significant questions regarding bias - this is emerging in a number of areas in recent days - the imbroglio within TVNZ is a fine example.

Cam quotes a 2010 Peter Costello article - a consumate Australian polly, who should have replaced Howard long before he (Howard) advanced into premature dotage and was trounced by a pleasant tyro TV personality in Bennelong - the electorate north of the Bridge, and who in turn was replaced when the Libs got their act together.

Journalist immediately prior, and lobbyist immediately after are equally repugnant to democracy in my view - the latter appears almost irresistible to ex-ministers of both persuasions. Michael Wooldridge and Alexander Downer are two notable examples in this category in Australia, but there have been plenty here as well.




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