South Taranaki Fluoridation Case Fails
Friday, March 7, 2014 at 9:58PM
Bill Barclay

Justice Hansen in the High Court today threw out the South Taranaki Fluoridation Coalition case on all counts.

All those councils that have been holding off making a decision pending the result of this case seem to now be committed to reinstating, or retaining fluoride - Hamilton included, but watch Hadaker do her best to find some other way to twist and turn. The coalition is "considering" an appeal.

Justice Hansen declared that fluoride was not a medicine, and was equivalent to chlorine and iodine as an additive.

Cannot be much clearer than that. One can only hope that the motley bunch accepts the decision and ceases the campaign to have the matter re-litigated here in Thames in 2015; but don't bet on it.




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