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Whangamata - Where Art Thou?

A number of issues came up at yesterday's Council meeting that would seem to indicate that all is not exactly sweetness and light amongst the Whangamata troops. Leach has been used to having full control, and only moderate dissent, but yesterday Jack Wells gave him more than his usual bon mots to keep him on his toes.

You see, under the Leach regime, you are not supposed to ask questions 'without notice' - anything that may provide difficulty is supposed to be asked before the meeting in order to avoid any embarrassment within the Chamber. 

This does not suit Jack, who likes an audience, and often has questions that he wants his constituents to know he is asking, and also that he is not necessarily 'hugger-mugger' with Leach.

On this occasion it concerned the Whangamata (where else?) "I" Site that has apparently been de-funded because of a decison by the group that ran the "I" Site. Leach said it was broke anyway, but Bartley claimed otherwise, and Jack was clearly unhappy - particularly with the funding being provided to the Economic Development Committee to oversee and provide governance for "I" Sites. 

It was inevitable that this little piece of Day inspired denial of democratic process would come home to bite - rather sooner it seems than he may have expected, and he is said to have shown signs of distinct annoyance at the turn of events. He has been sent away like a bad boy to resolve the financial questions, and no doubt report back to Jack.

You can see why Leach was not best pleased. But do not expect Day to have a free hand forever - there are distinct signs of impatience with the manner in which he has in poached economic development, and apparently removed oversight from councillors of this important activity. it was only a matter of time. 

I asked my informant about his view of Board Chair Johnson's reaction to all this. He indicated that it was muted, and gave every indication of a completely different agenda involving the future placement of Whangamata in the overall scheme of things - it may be that he sees the future with Tauranga - let us just wait and see.

There is certainly evident unhappiness with the level of expenditure at Whitianga and Coromandel on LHPs (Leach's Heritage Projects, in case you have forgotten!)  Whangamata has lost a great deal of its project expenditure, and there is no way that Johnson will sit back and accept some of things that have been going on indefinately.  He may even start to get a little more inquisitive about financial matters - and not before time!




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