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'Witch-hunts' Are Not The Answer

There has recently been a remarkable display of sound and fury from within the Castle as strenuous efforts are made to discover the source of "leaks" that have apparently proved embarrassing for senior management (and by association, Council itself). 'Forensic' examination of records to discover the source of leaks is essentially a negative endeavour, but quite in keeping with recent events. 

Undoubtedly, we have been witnessing almost classical mis-management from the very top of the organisation - it would grace the section in any elementary management manual relating to just what not to do, starting with recruitment. It can fairly be stated that the inexperience our Mayor that led to the recruitment of a totally inappropriate Chief Executive lies at the very heart of the problem. Everything else followed like night follows day, and day follows night - no pun intended!

The separate efforts now being made to find a scapegoat are deplorable, and a fair indication of the maturity and competence of those involved. If this blog is causing any difficulty, then perhaps it should be pointed out that the only comment over the last few months that appears to have originated from within the Castle is the one that used the pseudonym Sore Rib  which criticised me for having totally misjudged the situation with regard to Mr Foster. Time will tell in that regard. 

Otherwise, my sources have been identical with those used by any reporter/commentator - basically my own knowledge of the inside running of the Castle, and verifiable 'scuttlebutt' that inevitably leaks from any organisation as badly run as our Council.

Undeniably, their are some excellent people in there who are operating under extraordinary difficulty, including recent arrivals, and who hardly know which way to turn. As far as most are are concerned, it is simply a case of keeping their heads down and doing their job as best they can under great difficulty, and mistrust. Some equally excellent people have left - some admittedly under a cloud, but whose cloud! Recent arrival - Elizabeth   Brand who replaced the almost irreplaceable Lynly Bailey has now gone, and it is rumoured that others are on the way. Governance, amongst other areas of the Council will suffer as a result as more changes take place, and more institutional memory is lost.

Our Council has to start acting like a Council once more, carrying out those functions for which it  was elected, and get off this ego-driven, maniacal course that it has recently followed. It has to come to grips with the fact that it is not in a financial position to undertake the entrepreneurial program it has set itself. In other words, in needs to get a grip before it heads towards disaster. Never mind the apparent wealth of financial experience that it has amongst its ranks - they have proven to be incompetent in the face of the determined efforts of others who have been recruited to run the Council, and who are just not up to it.

The clean-out must start at the top, and more experienced and competent people employed who are capable of returning the Council to a position where it can carry out its required functions exactly as required under the Act.  The current imbroglio must be resolved, and the sooner the better.




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