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Western Bay / Tauranga

There appears to be strong move afoot for Western Bay to join with Tauranga City. 

This is not surprising, and the sudden move has been brought about by the imminent replacement of retiring Western Bay CEO Glen Snelgrove - a move that has been rejected by Chair Ross Paterson even though it makes eminent sense to avoid a substantial contracted payout for the appointee were the amalgamation to go ahead.

Why I raise it here is the detectable rumbling going on in Whangamata regarding the apparent comparative deterioration in the situation of that Board area relative to other board areas in this District. Nothing much is planned for Whangamata, and there is distinct unhappiness that the LLP's that they will be required to help fund leave them out in the cold. 

Amalgamation with a Tauranga/Western Bay unit may have far greater attraction that staying with the Coromandel option. There is also a strong geographical logic in such an arrangement. On the other hand, Whangamata rate-payers need to be very cognisant with the Tauranga debt situation before committing - it may be even worse than that facing the possible Hauraki/Coromandel amalgamation.

But don't rule it out. My feeling is that there is a strong element in Whangamata, even amongst its representatives that may well move for an examination of this option before too long.




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Reader Comments (1)

I don't think anyone in the Coromandel Peninsula would miss Whangamata much. They are full full of grumpy, old men who will never be happy about anything. And they were Leach's greatest supporters when he first got elected!

Suck on that mangrove munchers!

What you are suggesting Bill, should however be qualified by:

a) Realising that it would require Wahi town to want the same thing otherwise Whangamata would be geographically isolated from a western Bay of Planty / Tauranga Council and be unlikely to join them, and;

b) Recognition of the fact that Whangamata carries huge debt. For example because of the huge demands from the Whangamta community about environmental concerns, their sewerage scheme cost $37 million instead of the $23 million costed to Whitianga (who were sensible enough to temper their demands).

So Whangamata leaving and taking that debt obligation with them would have a very beneficial impact on the TCDC's financial position - especially for Thames ratepayers who are currently helping to foot Whangamta's sewerage bill while enjoying no sewerage upgrade themselves.

Roll on Jack.

Let them go, thats what I say

May 12, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterI luv Whangamata

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