Our Cunning Council
Tuesday, May 6, 2014 at 2:37PM
Bill Barclay

It has obviously been grievously annoying for the high echelon to have Council papers, and other precious documents copied, or referenced by way of URL to readers of this Blog, or any other for that matter.

They have now come up with a cunning device to frustrate me, and any other who may seek to denigrate, criticise or in any other was detract from the main plan of keeping rate-payers in the dark over important issues. 

All papers, including documents such as agendas and accompanying papers are now posted on the website as PDF 'read-only' files. Now I realise that there is an Adobe conversion program that enables skilled operators (about which I make no pretense) to convert such files for tabletop use. But I have neither the time nor inclination to go through this tedious process to enable extracts and files to be URLed.

It means that from now on, I will be unable to bring matters to your attention other than as complete files (213 pages for the current TCB Agenda alone) through which you will need to search in order to access the information that I am commenting on. It is such a bore to be treated in this manner - it covers documents that should be available in the convenient form for public information, but as we have all learnt over the last year or so, there are countless ways for petty bureaucrats to frustrate the public from being able to access documents to which they are entitled.  

These pathetic and childish actions cannot be allowed to continue. I intend to bring them to the attention of the Ombudsman, along with other matters in the near future. 




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