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Rex Simpson Makes a Stand

Rex made a statement during the Members Reports section of yesterday's meeting that will resonate around the Peninsula.

Rex risked the wrath of our beloved leader by reporting that several punters who were game to front the Annual Plan Hearings had complained of the way in they were treated by the Chair. 

Glenn will not be best pleased to hear that there is a large group of people who do not necessarily appreciate his robust approach to chairing meetings - particularly where he is a position to bully submitters.

Rex is right - it is time that the Council as a whole simply told Glenn that his behaviour is unacceptable - every submitter is entitled to courtesy and respect, and their submissions should not be subjected to ridicule and criticism from the Chair.

Other members need to take a step back from following his lead, and attempting to match his rudeness - none have the wit to even sound funny.




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Reader Comments (1)

funny Rex should comment about that -- I too was at the Annual plan round and heard Leach fire off a couple of volleys at a previous Councillor [ who I believe actually served on Council with Leach back in the 90's] - Leach's remarks were uncalled for as there was little or no connection between what the submitter was saying and Leach's questions. In essence Leach wanted to know why the current Council had a 1.8m interest bill on the 3 wastewater plants - commissioned some 6 years ago.
The submitter was subjected to a rather scathing attack on decisions made by a previous Coucil who in those years was apparently operating under different 'growth figures' supplied by outside agencies. What was of greater concern is that the Councillors allowed it to happen including a councillor who was on the Council at the time. All in all it showed the Mayor in a very bad light and he exhibited behaviour bordering on childishness-- not befitting a chair of a Hearings Committee. Fortunately the party concerned shrugged off the attack but it left me thinking as to how serious is the Council about listening to submitters -- not very I would gather--- which in itself worries me but now seems par for the course as this Council dives deeper into debt and at the same time losing highly qualified staff---- where willl it all end?????????????

May 7, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterToe Nail

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