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Thames Community Sports Facilities

The following is extracted from the Paper presented yesterday by Greg Hampton:
"The Thames Sports Facilities project has been proposed to Council in one form or another
since 2003. There is significant community support for the projects proposed, which is
reflected by large numbers of submissions to previous Annual Plan and Ten Year Plan
(TYP) planning processes. The submissions received during the 2012-22 TYP consultation
process led to $4,000,000 budget reflected the current TYP"

"A business case for is now being developed for the recommended options along with the sequence and timing of the various components of the project for Community Board and Council approval." 

None of the remainder of this important report (for hard pressed ratepayers, that is!) is able to be copied due to the locks imposed on the text - more childish intevention on the right of the public to know what is going on.  

I will reproduce here the following:

The total project cost including Rhodes Park Facility and Skatepark is $7.220m

"The Thames Indoor Facility (Zoom Zone) is the main focus of the larger project at this stage. This is a multi-year project with its projected construction phase in 2015/16. This component of the project holds a number of risks for Council (vis-a-vis Whitianga Sports Complex) and is the main focus of the detailed report that will be presented at the 5 May meeting." (my bold and insert)

                                                                                                                                                             "The Rhodes Park Facility initiation phase is intended to commence once the Thames Indoor Facility has progressed to business case."

 And here is the real doozie:

"The Aquatic Centre project schedules for 2020/2021 (budget of 45) is being developed separately from the Thames Community Sports Facilities project and is not included in this work package."

In other words - wave goodbye to the new Pool - it won't eventuate because now Mary Hamilton and Peter Richardson have the inside running on Council funding, and the contents of the TUGPRA Account. There will be nothing left for the new pool by 2020/21 - you may be sure of that. Their names are all over the Project document that was presented at the meeting. They may have failed to raise a brass razoo to date, but they have managed to sink their sticky fingers well and truly into Strat and his Board.

The SGL Report on which the entire project is based provides scant attention to the need for a new pool, and its movement from its current Wahi Tapu site. Its consignment to 2020 and beyond is the net result of the concerted efforts of the Zoom Zone Crew, and their appointed SGL consultants (paid for several times by TCDC)

The fact that the swimming pool has been consigned to the future in this manner despite the immediate (and proven) need, well demonstrated engineering instability, and Wahi Tapu status, is a disgrace that the current Board will need to be prepared to wear for a very long time. They have been conned, and allowed themselves to be rail-roaded by a well-oiled background public relations exercise.




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