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"Internal Audit" of IT Systems

The following is the email I sent to Laurna White (TCDC Communications Manager) this AM seeking an explanation for the PDF file situation on the Website:


Are you able to provide me with an explanation as to why documents on the Website, such as agendas and papers are now only available as PDF Read Only files.

This trend has been noticeable over the last few months, and as a journalist you will understand how annoying this is when you are attempting to work on or post specific content.

For example – yesterday‘s TCB Agenda was 213 pages, and I needed to access only a small proportion. I am unable to refer to matters of concern without readers needing to download the 213 pages and then search for the item.

I believe this to be contrary to LG “best practice”, and may even constitute a deliberate attempt by management to restrict access. I have requested that the normal format be restored on several occasions, to no avail.

Before approaching the Ombudsman on the matter, I would appreciate an explanation, in case there is a legitimate reason for this change.    



Here is the very courteous and prompt reply received from Laurna:

Hi Bill

 Thanks for your mail.

 Following an internal audit of our IT systems we reviewed some external access settings of some of our software programmes. Part of the audit was to make sure the external security settings were robust and secure. This has meant we're temporarily having to use PDF files for the public to view, until we are satisfied that our online system is safe.

We've almost finished doing the fixes so we can revert back to our searchable online electronic system.

Bill, I totally understand your frustration and understand our legal obligation to make these documents available to the public, That's why as an interim fix PDF's have been the solution while or priority has been ensuring that our IT systems are secure.  

We expect agendas to be back up and running by the end of today.  I can contact you to let you know when this is done and in the meantime if you need anything specific always feel free to get in touch with me and I will arrange.

Best regards


Fair enough, I suppose! 




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Reader Comments (1)

And we all know about the 'internal audit of our IT systems' don't we.
Wonder if the council is any further advanced with their search for ' information leaks' as yet??
And the cost for having 2 'forensic IT 'people crawling over staff computors-- for what??

May 7, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterPipi

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