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New Chum Again!

TV3's Campbell Live has again ventured into New Chum affair - one can only assume that John Darby is stage managing the renewed interest from behind the scenes.

Here is my January 2014 post on the matter

It would seem from the TV3 item content that Mr Darby is now prepared to reveal his price to get out of the the development - it is $20m, but is that just for Mr Darby's interest, or for all three of the owners, one of whom has apparently indicated readyness to also submit a plan to Council?

All very confusing, but in the meantime the Darby application is "on hold" while further information is sought by Coucil, which is in a 'lose/lose' situation on this particular block of land, no matter what. 

Never mind, we at least now know Mr Darby's price to disappear. He has in the past demonstrated great skills in relation being able to manipulate authorities towards solutions that are generally very satisfactory to himself and his associates. He knows perfectly well that whatever he proposes at New Chum, those proposals will be villified in the media through a well orchestrated and emotionally charged campaign.

We now know that he does not really want that - he wants $20m either from the Government or from TCDC - God forbid!. Based on what it has likely cost him to date, this is of course outrageous, but totally predictable. Why do I feel that we are in the process of being blackmailed? 




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