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Bed (Tourist) Tax

Sometimes when writing a blog, responses can be quite surprising.

A comment came in a 3.26am this morning from someone calling himself Charter Dude who is obviously an insomniac, and has spent waking time going through old posts. In this case it was one I wrote on 14 October 2013 regarding a news item about Queenstown moving to extract a form of bed tax from tourists. The Government having rejected road tolls and other forms of targeted extraction was unsympathetic. It was called Tourist-Tax???: Go have a look if you are interested.

I remain sceptical that the Government will ever move to allow councils to introduce this form of taxing on tourists though it is almost universal elsewhere in the World in one form or another. However, note that John Key recently indicated (obviously following another approach from Queenstown), that the Government would take another look at the practicality of introducing such a method of raising revenue if a concerted and well argued case was put forward - "no promises, mind you!."  So don't hold your breath!

Charter Dude obviously has a major gripe about the $1 a head imposition that TCDC requires chater operators to collect, and I guess that such a narrowly targeted tax is going to cause nothing but resentment. But whatever the basis of this particular gripe, some way needs to be found to enable councils such as ours to raise revenue from tourists when they form such a disproportionate imposition on all our facilities.

The bed tax does seem the most logical, but the argument against mainly relates to the number of people who bring in their own beds - they may just be untouchable, and more is the pity.

Anyway - keep reading the old stuff Charter Dude - you never know what you will find. Or use the search engine for particular subjects - it is very efficient.






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