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Capital Value on in Hamilton

With  a move to capital value in Hamilton, we are close to becoming 'the last of the Mohicans' in the capital v. land value stakes.

Here is the Waikato Times report on the move in Hamilton. The story is based principally on the effects on commercial rates throughout the city, and it is certainly true that the change will be most marked in that area. But the residential changes will more than subtle - something that the National Party supporters that rallied for Leach find abhorrent, and unacceptable for high value Eastern Seaboard property owners. 

Wait for the inevitable howls of protest that erupt if and when our Council gets around to dealing with this inevitable issue - as they are required to do under the Act sooner or later - actually later this year if I am not mistaken. Roll on the day, and cometh the man prepared to make a principled leadership stand on the issue. Faint hope!

But then again, a little Dicky-Bird has whispered to me in the past that Leach may not be averse to leading the charge, regardless of coat-tails he came in on. I know that he knows the inequity of the present set-up. Watch this space!




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