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Coalition for Better Broadcasting 

This Government's deliberate policy aimed a crippling the entire public broadcasting sector fools no one. Craig Foss's pathetic attempts to justify the de-funding that has been proceeding in a stealthy fashion has shown everyone who takes an interest in the survival of National Radio at least a vision of a public broadcasting free future for this country. 

I now resort to bringing in the ABC - all channels via the internet, and I suspect that there are many others who are resorting to this device to avoid the painful degradation of our resources. We miss the local content of course, but after hearing Guyon Espiner's painful attempts at interviewing on Morning Report this am, I wonder if it all worth it. And Wallace Chapman is rapidly becoming a carbon copy of his predecessor - Sunday Morning - the radio version of Campbell Live.

There must be some light at the end of the tunnel surely, but they will need to smarten up their act without being under the constant hammer of financial restraint. Now a practical attempt to change all this appears to be on the horizon with the resurgence of the Coalition for Better Broadcasting. It needs all the help it can get, and I for one intend to post regular updates of its activities as it endeavours to apply as much pressure as it can on all parties leading up to the Election.  

It may well be futile, but something has to be done, otherwise we are destined to be sold down the river by the Stephen Joyce dominated Foss. Joyce of course appears to still harbour all his old allegiances to the commercial sector, and gives every indication of being totally indifferent to the fate of the public version. Foss may be Minister, but Joyce calls the tune in this area. 

If it is because they detect a left wing bias in the public version, then why not give management the funding it needs to enable them to make the long overdue changes that are required to bring their format and programming into the 21st century. Just take a look at the lineup of presenters on the Radio NZ Website to see how fossilised it has become - most of them should follow Geoff Robertson out the door - he showed that he at least recognised that he was no longer up to it, and there are plenty more in the same category. 

But the need remains, and we as the coalition of willing listeners need to get behind the effort to modernise. If you feel strongly about it, send $20 to the CFBB today!




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