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Slack Meeting Process

Once again we have the spectacle of an extraordinary meeting being called outside of the period laid down in S. 46(1) of the Local Government Official Information ands Meeting Act

Such a meeting of the Thames Community Board has been called for 1pm on Tuesday 24 June "To present the Thames Indoor Sports Facility Business Case for approval ahead of the Council Meeting on 25 June" when this proposal will be approved within the Annual Plan. 

This is of course a complete abrogation of the Council's responsibility, and contrary to the Act - Subsection (4) allows meetings to be called at short notice (less than five working days), but the Act states quite clearly that the 'business to be transacted as is reasonable in the circumstances" must be notified. I would love to see our Council justify its simple description of the business as being to consider a Paper that will not be available until the day of the meeting. Such is the content of the agenda that has been put up on-line, and this alone may well be grounds for a judicial review in due course. 

There is no opportunity for anyone to examine what is proposed before it is approved, signed sealed and delivered. What arrogance - the population of Thames are again being treated like mushrooms as this highly controversial and extravagant proposal, the need for which remains unproven, is put beyond consultation, and our rates committed to funding the complete deal. We don't even know how much, or what proportion of the cost the Zoom Zone proponents are required to raise in order to qualify for Council funding, if any.

It is totally unacceptable for proposals of this magnitude to handled in this manner, and it is a sad reflection on staff efficiency that that they have to resort this kind of shonky process in order to get proposals through the Council in time.  It would appropriate for concerned rate-payers to front up tomorrow at 1pm and express their concern, but as usual, they will only find out what is happening after the event. 




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