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2014/15 Business Grants Report

There is some massive arse-covering by Ben Day in this Report to Council about the problems associated with the 2013/14 grant to Guru Digital, along with the proposals for 2014/15.  Go to item 3.2 on page 183.

But one thing you won't find in the Report which appears to reflect what has likely been provided to the Ombudsman as the result of my complaint, is any reference to the fact that the grant was meant to be provided for 'compliance costs'. This requirement has of course been removed from the list of requirements for the 2014/15 iteration. The inadequate processes followed in regard to the 2013/14 grant have been explained away in the usual, rather convoluted manner - little of it convincing, but no doubt it will satisfy the Ombudsman.

I await his reply with interest.




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Reader Comments (1)

Atleast you see through this! Ben Day is incompetent and likes to cover his tracks. He should go back to being a Communications Officer, perhaps he would be good at that job! He certainly knows how to spin the words to make things sound good (for him). I am interested to hear the response from the Ombudsman.

June 25, 2014 | Unregistered Commentersee-through

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