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Indoor Sports Facility

The following press release came out this morning:

Work can now proceed for the resource consenting phase (Milestone Three) of a future Thames Indoor Sports Facility after Council endorsed the Community Board's approval of $258,000 for the project on Thursday 26 June.

The overall project is subject to future milestones such as meeting community and public grants fundraising targets of a little over $1.3m.

Council's approval means that BBGB Team Architects can begin working on detailed concept design and supporting investigative works to further refine the likely costs.

Over the next three months, the project management team will continue its thorough investigation of all aspects of the project to ensure it remains on track.

Thames and Coromandel-Colville Area Manager Greg Hampton says "Approval to proceed with this project is a great result for the hard working community members who have advocated for this facility. It gives a clear message that the community can now kick off its fundraising campaign with the confidence of Council backing."

"In combination with the recent approval of the skatepark project, this decision represents the most significant improvement in recreational opportunity for the Thames community in decades," he says.

 The following is scheduled to be completed by the end of September                                                                                                         Obtain firm commitment from MoE (or delegated authority) to apply for resource consent - Dave Sim has confirmed delegated authority to apply for Outline Plan consent, request has been made for BoT resolutions to confirm. Delegation to be confirmed in writing from MoE;

  1. Obtain Ngati Maru written support of proposed facility use and location - Ngati Maru have indicated to the project sponsor, verbally, that they see no issues with the proposed location of the facility subject to ensuring cultural sensitivities are observed;

  2. Complete Maori Values Assessment - letter outlining the THS site along with a number of other proposed project sites has been drafted and is being sent to Ngati Maru for consideration and scheduling.  Potential for delays as a result of priorities during Treaty Settlement negotiations;

  3. Engage planner (KTB Planning) - KTB are to lead the consent planning and application work;

  4. Engage architect Boon Goldsmith Bhaskar Brebner Team Architects Ltd (BGBB) - Contracted to complete the detailed design phase and manage all pre-consent work required (Geotech, Noise assessment etc...)

  5. Engage fundraising consultant SGL Funding Ltd - Fundraising has been secondary during initial Milestones due to the need to have a confirmed Council commitment to the project before community and Public Grants funders will commit their resources toward to the project.  Approval of Milestone Three will, as previously stated, need to reflect TCB and Council support of the project through to completion providing the project remains desirable, viable and achievable within the existing budget and scope.  The need for this commitment is to give confidence that the project will go ahead to potential funders both within the community and external public grants funders

  6. Begin Resource Consent planning including geotech, survey, detailed design, QS, noise and fire assessments, consultation etc...

  7. Prepare outline plan application

  8. Outline plan approved

  9. Community Sports Facility Trust to be established and negotiate SLA's (Service Level Agreements) with THS

  10. TCB to approve SLA's prior to tender preparation


This appears to represent a fair summation of what was decided on Tuesday, and ratified yesterday. My residual concern remains with the level of input into this from Greg Hampton's office. We were even introduced to the new "Fund-raising Manager" on Tuesday who immediately burst into a run-down of her proposed activities.

It seems that all the Zoom Zone people do is to sit on committees and leave TCDC staff to do all the work. I always suspected that this was the likely outcome. and I do not resile from my original assessment of Mary Hamilton - she is one smart cookie whose patience, and 'behind the scenes' politicking has paid off.




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Reader Comments (2)

Well done Strat-- once again he is following the party line [set by the Zoom Zone people--all three of them] - and Thames is about to become the lucky recipient of a 'white elephant' that will rival the Mercury Bay sports stadium both in grandiose thinking and cost to the local ratepayers. Hell will freeze over before this supposedly saviour of the Thames youth will bear fruit. Meanwhile the rugby grandstand is sidelined and the multitude of youth that use Rhodes Park all year round still have no where decent to go for their after match functions and Thames has lost the oportunity to erect a building that would have many uses, not least, as a social/ conference centre for the town. And as for the pool - ratepayers will continue to pour money into a complex that is past its useby date and becoming more costly each year to maintain [and heat] . Bet you more people will use the pool than ever will use the Zoom Zone building-but both of these much needed projects are now on the backburner-
Strat will remain the whipping boy for the Zoom Zone group and we will all pay in the long run for this populist leader who cannot grasp, for whatever reason, what Thames really needs -- good one Strat, here's hoping this will be your last term in office

June 27, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterDribbler

I note from the 'business case' that the majority of the funding for the indoor court ( based in the High School grounds } comes from the special fund called the TUGPRA (Thames Urban General Purpose Reserve Account) Which was made up of money received from the sale of activities that the original borough ratepayers had established. i.e. abbatoir, milk treatment station, and electricity dept. Over time the considerable lump sum
has had money from endowment farm land and interest added in, and after inflation proofing ,the excess was used on projects that raising rates for was a low priority. Because of its origin this fund has to be spent in the Thames area and made the only community board to have such a fund.
This court project will empty the fund. When a large number of submissions were presented to the Annual Plan some years ago the project that was at the top of the list was a NEW SWIMMING POOL not an indoor court . A strong lobby group has diverted a nest egg to their own ends. I note that consultants panda to those who provide the fee. Will any ratepayer spek up before the over-runs start?

July 5, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterPeter H Wood.

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