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Set The Record Straight

This post on the Indoor Sports Facility (Zoom Zone), abd Kopu Bridge  needs correction on a couple of issues.

Greg Hampton assures me that he only has one Program Manager - Simon Stephens. He replaced Francois Pienaar who was Project Manager with a wider range of duties. Francois continues to work on short term contracts only (Kopu Bridge, Coromandel Harbour etc.) With 22 activity budgets and two boards to manage, Greg surely needs back-up. And in addition, the cost of the various Kopu Bridge consultants were paid for by NZT, or volunteered to the HKBS (Historic Kopu Bridge Society).

Most important, I had completely misinterpreted the Fund-raising Manager role - it is a purely a volunteer position on the fundraising committee - fair enough, though I still have concerns about the Council and Board taking carriage of the entire project with the Zoom Zone proponents merely filling 'committee' roles.

It does not seem kosher to me, and I fail to see why at this point the entire group is not set free to sink or swim - why on earth is the Board appearing to provide the entire 'back-office' role. I am sure that the footy mob will not let go of their role at Rhodes Park, and neither they should. 

Greg just needs to be careful that if anything falls over from now on that it is not on his shoulders. I don't wish to be a Jerimiah on this, or to 'tell Granny how to suck eggs.' Just be warned of getting too close to the flame. And that includes Simon!

In the meantime, apologies for the errors corrected above.




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