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LGNZ Excellence  Awards

Home again, refreshed from the bracing Martinborough air, with the usual roughened digits, and sun drenched countenance, and ready with a really positive local story. John Tregidga has scooped the pool for EXCELLENCE for Local Economic Contribution for the Haurali Rail Trail. 

John stretched it a bit in his commentary by including Thames and Te Aroha in the overall Hauraki District, but why not? He pulled it off in no uncertain manner, and it was mainly down to his initiative and drive in the face of substantial scepticism. I don't think that the Thames to Paeroa section is anything to write home about - bloody awful surface to boot, but there is no doubt about the Paeroa to Waihi section - an absolute winner in every sense.  

It is interesting to note the achievement of the Selwyn District Council in the same category for its Electronic Building Consent Process. So much for the much vaunted local equivalent that we heard so much about from Mr Day a year or two ago that was designed to scoop the pool and become the standard bearer for innovation and 'best practice' here and everywhere. Another scheme that appears to have bitten the dust through through over-sell and hyperbole. Recall the OIR reply that indicated that $709,000 had been paid to Track24 for the various programs it had supplied. Kiss that good-bye!

I just wish these guys would stick to their knitting, and forget the glamorous bells and whistles that they appear intent on imposing on this District. It will take more than the installation of a high powered (and paid!) Economic Development Committee to achieve the results they are looking for. Talk about a Committee with best intent, but stuff all to do other than furfil ego driven fantasies. All this with our rate money beyond any ratepayer mandate.  

Top marks to Hauraki! 




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