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Capital Value Debate in Hamilton

The debate is under way in Hamilton and the fun starts as councillors squirm under the pressure brought about by one of trhe hardest political decisions they will have to make while in office. Never mind logic, or fairness - it comes down to perception, and how each rate-payer sees their interests affected.

Councillor Ewan Wilson said he was keeping an open mind about today's debate but believed a shift to a capital value rating system was in the city's interest.

"I'll listen carefully to the debate but if I had to cast my vote now I would vote for a capital value system," Wilson said.

"But 12 years in local government has taught me that politicians frequently find it hard to make tough decisions. Some will run for the hills and decide it's safer to do nothing."   

'Waikato Times' LG roundsman, Aaron Learman posited that "Councillors may decide not to proceed with the rating review or opt not to adopt the statement of proposal today"

But staff firmly support the change, and councillors will need to be on their toes to justify knocking the proposal back. I am tempted to suggest that nothing will get up here unless Leach favours it, and even then it will face an uphill battle. 




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