Steve Ruru Goes From Kaipara
Thursday, July 31, 2014 at 8:39AM
Bill Barclay

Here is the PR put out by Kaipara District Council on 18 July.

It seems that Steve is on his way to Southland - his new role is not defined. I will endeavour track it down. And here it is - PR on the same day from Southland DC.

Steve has been through a tumultuous period at Kaipara - brought in to deal with the Mangawhai waste-water debacle. He brought a great of experience in that area as we all know to our cost. Steve was the original proponent of District-wide charging - a policy he defended until his departure. He was too late to institute a similar regime at Kaipara where Mangawhai rate-payers to this day are singularly liable for the total cost of their scheme following last week's High Court decision.

Steve has had to work with commissioners since the Council was dismissed - it appears to have been more than usually incompetent, and the previous Chief Executive quite beyond dealing with the situation. 

Best wishes to Steve - the move to Southland does seem a little extreme. It will interesting to get the full story in due course. Although he is totally absolved from the current situation at Kaipara, the tensions created by recalcitrant rate-payers must have made the position just about untenable.   




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