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WRC Chair Digs in on Erosion 

Paula Southgate made some soothing, if not particularly helpful noises in a story in today's "Waikato Times' under Mike Mather's byline. 

"...staff had put plenty of research into the specific causes of erosion and the likely environmental effects of resource consent applications for "hard" structures such as sea walls before granting resource consent for such structures and, where appropriate, beach replenishment".


"With the predicted sea level rise and the potential for more frequent severe weather events under climate change, councils and communities need to work together even more closely to manage the risks associated with coastal hazards.,"

The story completely avoided the contentious issue regarding who pays? And apart from soothing noises about everyone "working together", it offered little comfort to those who are likely to be affected in the future. Southgate's reference to resource consents for 'hard structures', and 'sand replentishment' is a shot across the bows of those who make assumptions as to their ability to erect Canute-like stuctures without regard to the requirements of the Act.

Watch this space - I feel in my bones that Leach is anxious to get the 'District pays' issue put to bed as soon as possible, and with mimimum debate and consultation. Expect a slather of soothing PR over the next few weeks leading up to the Ten Year Plan.  




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Reader Comments (1)

The issue of who pays is not an issue for the WRC Chair, apart from any freebies the WRC may wish to throw at its querulous adolescent DC. Hard engineered solutions are not going to be encouraged and for good reason, as they tend to fail and shift the problem up and down current.

Withdrawal is the only viable long tern solution to building on unstable sand dunes.

July 31, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterPeter

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