Barby Achieves Fame As Rachel's "Fave"
Wednesday, July 9, 2014 at 4:44PM
Bill Barclay

Look, I am not into frivilous gosip, but this is what appeared in Rachel (the other 'Rachel'!) Glucina's column this morning, and I guarantee that is the last time you will hear me mention it.

The thing is that Better Half Barby decided to emulate my effort to win the Vogel 'Bring Home Your Mate' competition - a splendid 'creation' of Bulgarian Feta (scary!), NZ Regal Smoked Salmon, and and an artfully boiled egg - sunny side up!. Anyway my gastronomic breakfast creation failed to gain the recognition it deserved despite exquisite photography, and a delicate garnish of chopped parsley. 

The upshot was that 'she who always outshines' took out one of the twelve top prizes - capped off by having the approbation of Rachel Hunter bestowed - scroll down in the story above beyond some piece of squalid electioneering by John Key showing off his latest acquisition - an Obama putter. There you find out just what can be done with boiled pears and and a runny Camembert. Don't get me wrong - I am not one to rush off in a huff, though it was my idea to enter.

By the way - Barby remains a Thames girl through and through, but you know how PR people like to put their own spin on things, and I think they were hoping that the Waikato Times might turn up this AM to photograph her beside their grub truck. But that just didn't happen though Barby had gone to some trouble to 'freshen up.' - shucks! The same people assumed the right (read the small print in the entry conditions!) to re-name Barby's splendidly named creation - 'Vogel's Pear & Camembert Bake,' to the 'The Big Hug.' I don't know about that - I think it would be running a risk myself to so indulge while imbibing boiled pear and camberbert, but you don't argue with PR people - they know best!

It seems that Barby's 'creation' won not only Rachel H's heart, but all those who were running the competition for Goodman Fielder - and that is another story best not told here. Actually, it wasn't a bad dish , and it certainly showed Vogel's in its best light (Mixed Grain Toast version - for the aficionados), but I remain bemused at its perceived superiority over Bulgarian Feta and Smoked Salmon with a boiled egg - sunny side up! 

Anyway, we have not been invited to meet Rachel H., which is a profound disappointment, but we are welcome to attend at the travelling cafe to be entertained, and feted. Oh to be a part of the great public relations world. We are promised a prize of twelve months supply of Vogel's (not sure what variety), an expresso coffee machine, and a toaster - both by way of Breville, but we are not sure when it will arrive - apparently there are 'supply' difficulties!

Barby will be busy compiling a cook-book over the next few weeks as part of the 'spin-off' on her new found fame. I will ensure that the Bulgarian Feta and Smoked Salmon with boiled egg sunny side up secures an appropriate place in this tome. Expect it to be on the shelves in time for Xmas, and available on Amazon in due course.

Such is life in the fast lane!  




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