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Thames Mindsports

Marlene Perry -  TCDC Community Development Officer presented a well written report to the EDC on every aspect of the Thames Mindsports event to which I, along with many others gave our support in February this year.

Clearly quite a few people enjoyed the event and although a number of the planned activities were cancelled or postponed through lack of suport, it appeared that several were well supported. Read Marlene's Report if you require further information. It appears that there is a danger of some legal action being taken by a British organisation called Mind Sports Olympiad in regard to breach of trademark. They are currently claiming a $1,000 fee that remains in limbo.

What needs to be done is to cut through all the rhetoric to the chase, and that is that 168 players and 142 watchers participated in the event. The total cost of the event was $15,435 (inc. the 'fee' above) and the income was $16,494 of which $14,375 was contributed through TCDC 2014/15 Major Event funding. There is no indication in the income statement of any fees having been charged to any participants - the balance of income being donations and T Shirt sales ($1,137). 

On that basis, the event cost rate-payers $85.56 per player, or $47.30 per participant.

I am not sure that despite all the encouraging words in the Report that this constitutes 'good value for money.' And it must be questioned whether the format and plans for the proposed 2015 event are likely to provide rate-payers any better return than was experienced in 2014.

I do not wish to discourage, or to be negative about this whole shemozzle, but I know of no disinterested ratepayer in this town who considers that his or her money has been well spent in encouraging people to come to play games at our expense. And I say this in spite of the encouraging words of Coro FM Manager Warren Male, who of course cannot be considered 'disinterested' inasmuch as his station evidently charged $1,257.50 for its undoubtedly splendid services.

I am sorry, but New Year type returns for the GBD, The Melbourne, The Punter's Bar and a few other watering holes around the town do not bring joy other than to those who imbibe. This event is simply not viable, and no amount of encouragement, or additional funding is likely to change this situation. I certainly see no reason for us to be subsidizing licensed premises in this manner.

Are we to believe that the Economic Development Committee decided on 18 July to donate another $5,000 of our rates towards this event for 2015? Does that represent the best that these 'hard-headed' businessmen are capable of? Excuse me, but I remain unconvinced, though I did find Marlene's Report wildly persuasive - almost as if her job depended on it. But these highly paid 'professionals' are surely not employed to throw our money around in this manner, or for that matter to fund private motor sports events.  




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give it a chance bill.....what event doesnt take sometime to realise its potential given it was a first attempt last year. Also do not ignore the people visiting the region to participate and visit

August 3, 2014 | Unregistered Commentercommonsense

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