Hauraki Rail Trail
Monday, August 11, 2014 at 11:25AM
Bill Barclay

As usual, one has to read between the lines in the Chief Executives Report to Council (for the Meeting on 13 August).

One particularly intriguing item reads as follows;

"The EDC Committee also resolved not to pay on invoice further requests for funding until
sufficiently satisfied with information provided on PTO performance to KPIs, maintence (sic)
costs, and any pertinent reviews undertaken on the Trail structure."

I will be interested to hear an further explanation on Wednesday regarding what exactly lies behind this decision of the (unelected) Economic Development Committee. The University of Waikato findings will also be interesting (if presented) - in particular, the statistics regarding the usage of the Trail between Thames (Kopu) and Paeroa. I just don't think that these will have stacked up against usage elsewhere on the Trail.

A further item of interest is reference to Warren Male as the "Elected Member contact" (TCDC appointment to the HRTCT) That is certainly news to me, and indicative of the slow but sure blurring of the Elected  definition. Perhaps "Friends of Glenn" would be a better definition of all these outside appointments.




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