Huaraki Rail Trail Charitable Trust
Wednesday, August 13, 2014 at 3:28PM
Bill Barclay

My 11 August post on this subject was indeed an indication of a severe malaise within the administration of the Rail Trail Trust, on which our "Elected Member Contact" is Mr Warren Male of Coromandel FM.

It appears that there has been either a lack of information, or unwillingness to share whatever information is available that has given rise to the decision by our Unelected Economic Development Committee (henceforth the UEDC) to withhold all payments to the Trust and HDC in the meantime. 

A meeting yesterday with HDC Chief Executive Langley Cavers led to a rather revealing reply placed before today's meeting. In it Langley concedes that :

The contractor (HRTCT) is not meeting the performance requirements of the Management Agreement."                                                                                                                                                 and:                                                                                                                                           "Responsibility for the management of the management of the PTM Contract be taken back from the HRTCT and for the immediate future HDC manage the contract."

One of the complaints made by the UEDC is that an external review report of the HRT had not been made available to TCDC. It does appear that a request that the content of this report, or "full disclosure of the performance (including financial statements) of the Trust and Primary Trail Manager" have been made available as requested. 

Everyone at the meeting appeared very content with the operation of the Trail itself, even though this information appeared not have been made available either in the meeting or Langley's letter. So as usual, 'we don't know what we don't know" - much is clearly being hidden as efforts are made bring some commercial reality into this fraught situation. There is money - perhaps substantial money involved, and an unreleased adverse Audit NZ Report on the matter that may become public in the near future, or then again, may need to be winkled out of the bureaucracy.

How on earth our Council, let alone Hauraki allowed themselves to be sucked into this  complicated, convoluted structure I will never know, and yet some of Glenn's closest and bestest have been involved at his insistence from the get-go. It just goes to show that sometimes even the best business brains are foiled by circumstance.

This may be the first time that this matter has entered the public arena, but you may be sure that it will by no means be the last.




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