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New Chum Photo-Op

In a photo-op accompanying today's story on a New Chum petition seeking public notification of the revised application for the development of New Chum - there was affable Glenn alongside sparkling Catherine Delahunty, and Linda Cholmondeley-Smith. It could have been a mid-term election bid, except that Glenn said he was not standing - didn't he?

Talk about a petition about nothing in particular. There was no way that Darby would have got away with avoiding notification on this particular scheme. But what is more important is the possibility of any attempt by the large and disparate group of opponents to oppose any development morphing into support for their real alternative. That is that rate-payers and taxpayers be required to foot Darby's bill for climbing out of this development - somewhere in the vicinity of $20m at last count. As we now know from the Green's fulsome election promises, spending other peoples money is like water off a ducks back

All this nonsense about public notification is nothing more than a 'red-herring' - expect the issue to hot up in the very near future as Darby attempts to recover some of his losses even if it means picking the tax/rate payers pockets, with Delahunty's support.

Meanwhile, Leach looks a picture of good health, and electability - don't you think?




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