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'Observer' on Kim Dotcom 

To understand just how this man is seen from the other side of the World, check out this Carole Cadwalladr story in the 'Sunday Observer'

It is interesting that David Fisher of the 'Herald' again appears as the principal apologist for the man, and provide the most background information for Cadwalladr. She is long time staff correspondent for the 'Observer' - it is not clear whether she just happened to be here, or was sent to NZ on assignment to write the story.  Note that there have been 449 comments on her story which would indicate a wide interest, or perhaps they have been generated by some nefarious background FBI file server.

What is clear is that although Ms Cadwalladr has touched on some of the peculiarities of New Zealand's politics that have allowed the disaffected a sudden new outlet for their frustration, it is not so clear that she understands the level of underlying conservatism that stimulates reaction and voting patterns to basically maintain the status quo.

The excitement being generated at some of the meetings being held up and down the country may result in sufficient votes to enable Internet/Mana to replace some Labour and Green hopefuls, but the normally leftish leaning Roy Morgan 20 August poll results would appear to indicate a stubborn reluctance by the right and centre right to accept the 'dirt' as a reason to alter voting intentions.

2% up for National, and 3% down for the Labour/Green coalition appears at first sight counter-intuitive, but the 1.5% increase by NZ First is most significant. Older Kiwis would appear to be really 'digging-in,' and Peters is the last port in the storm. From all indications, he will be the 'Kingmaker,' and having already ruled out any association with the Greens or Mana, expect to see him back in his favourite Foreign Affairs portfolio before too long - though not without another excruciating period of negotiation with Key - the Trans Pacific Partnership may become the sacrificial lamb.

Cadwalledr misses all these subtleties in her article - and understandably when her principle source is David Fisher who appears to be inextricably tied to Dotcom - why he is allowed the editorial freedom to pursue his hero-worship of the man is anyone's guess, but it is not healthy for our country's largest newspaper to be anything but cynical at the machinations of a convicted felon. 

We may well end up with a revolutionary hump in our Parliament - the same happened in Germany under the same electoral system, but they may have to wait another term before they are able to exert any influence - a very frustrating period, with Dotcom continuing to pull the purse-strings and avoid extradition through the courts, or face the unenviable alternative. What happens to Internet/Mana in that circumstance may provide interesting spectator sport.

Roll on 20 September.




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