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Kuranui Bay Cycleway Follow-Up

There have been some interesting responses to the post on Police Discretion dated 20 August. 

This from Chris Longson is constructive, and he makes a suggestion that is worthy of further debate, and if necessary, followed up with the appropriate people at Transport New Zealand. It may also benefit from support from within the Council (and  WRC since it probably involves construction over the high-water mark)

I do exactly as Andrew  does. And I should add that unlike most roads, riding on the edge of that one southbound is a particularly terrifying experience because the gutter is too deep to hop across if the need arises. Northbound there's a flat curb and enough grass on the other side to get clear of large vehicles.

I have to wonder if it would really cost millions to add a bike path on the sea side of that road. It would be a logical extension of the bike/walking path along the waterfront in town, and it could be a boardwalk over the seawall along the narrow part of the road. People with mobility scooters would probably prefer that to the (very uneven) footpath, too.

I would really like to see if we can get some traction on this - more responses please!




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Reader Comments (1)

It does not help the safty of cyclists that the speed limit is 70ks along that stretch of road.
Why the speed limit would increase from 50 ks to 70 ks for just 1.9 ks from the yacht club to the toilets on the reserve (going south) defies logic. The increased speed limit includes the old North School, now an art gallery with plenty of traffic movements in and out, a dairy/bait shop with kids crossing the road and a number of houses. The wide road and increased speed limit encourages passing on the long curve immediately after the North School and the increased speed results in the corner becomming a greater risk. A simple solution to reduce risk immediately would be to change the speed limit to the normal 50 ks for such areas. Cost to improve safty, two signs. (I decare my interest as I will very soon live along that stretch of road).

August 22, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterClancy Nixon

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