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Update of the EDC Grants

The paper that went to the Committee from Day was worded as follows:

To make funding and sponsorship decisions for the 2014/15 Major Events Fund (Round 1).

Key Discussion Points

  • As discussed in the Workshop 18/7/14 all applicants are to receive relevant feedback on their respective applications.

 Targa NZ   - further internal discussion to be had with Targa NZ

Thames Art Society - declined and referred to Thames Community Board

Thunder Beach - Receive $5000

Scallop Festival - declined as they have received previous funding and supported internally

Spirit of Coromandel - declined as they have received previous funding

NZ Water Ski- Twin Rivers - referred to Community Board for Funding

Surf 2 Firth - referred to Community Board for Funding

Mindsports - to receive $5000 in Round 2

WetnWild - Receive $5000

Thames Heritage Event Trust - referred to Community Board for Funding

Valley Swim Academy - Support internally

Hot Water Brewing - referred to Community Board for Funding

Leadfoot Festival - Funding of $40,000


That the Economic Development Committee:

1.      Receives the report.

2.      Funding allocated:          Leadfoot Festival $40,000

                                                            Tairua WetnWild  $  5,000

                                                            Thunderbeach      $ 5,000

                                                            Totally Thames (Mindsports) $5,000 in Round 2      

Moved By: Hopper/Renton

My apologies - as you see, the Leadfoot Festival were granted $40,000, not $50,000, but the total imbalance of the allocation is nevertheless very evident. No further information is provided other than a staff scoring matrix which presumably represents the results of their investigations into the applications. Absolutely no information is provided in the document regarding the manner in which the grant is to be spent.

In reply to my query, Laurna White - Communication Manager has indicated:

The EDC have full delegations as per the report that went to the last Council meeting.

The allocation is therefore 'final' within the Committee 'delegation ($100,000), and requires no further Council approval. I for one find this process extremely unusual, if not unique. It sets a precedent that is the very antithesis of democratic process, and good governance.

I simply do not believe that it is appropriate for Hopper, or any other unelected member of this Committee (it has a unelected Chairperson with a casting vote!) to be handing my rates to his wealthy friend Millen to spend on a private motor sport event. It has a offensive smell about it, and is indicative of the complete ignorance of proper governance principles on the part of both staff and councillors responsible for putting this outrageous process in place.

It suggestive of borderline if not actual corruption, and Leach's loud denials that his administration has fallen into the hands of a wealthy elite group begins to crumble at the edges. Further, it is inexcusable that  staff continue to pander to this gross mis-direction of our rates, and ego inflation. All in all, the accumulation of evidence of this Council's incompetence continues to build.




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Reader Comments (3)

Isn't this the Petrol Head Extravaganza our old mate the Mad Mayor featured at last year, doing burnouts in his Anglia, and getting his photo in the paper. Now we are G I V I N G $40,000 to this private stock car event!! Come On!! No one gave Noddy anything much until he had a famous festival. Not knocking Noddy, but everyone wants to be beside him in the photos now. $40k would have made Brits at The Beach, and I can think of a number of other crowd attractions [Bring Back Nambassa] which would have far more universal appeal. TCDC should be encouraging mass appeal events. It's the only way to get people here and have them fall in love with the place. [Nambassa sold a lot of sections] There are LOTS of good ideas that never get a look in because the people are identified as Tree Huggers, and such, yet they genuinely do care about the need for development to enable the TCDC region to be self sustaining. True, events that are just pet projects of a few who live here don't deserve funding, but 'members only' events are definitely off the list. I am very surprised to see Bob Renton's name attached to this. It would be the first mistake he has ever made. He campaigned on more accountability and less waste of money. You can imagine what he will face in Pauanui. Why is it that the genuinely good ideas get passed over. Events that drag in people who stay for a few days and spend money do make so much sense. Youth and petrol head events see people come, look and leave town as fast as they can because there's "nothing" here. There was talk of a "Big Gay Out" at the Thames Race Course. It was to be called the "Camp Town Races" now that would drag them in.

August 4, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterThe Elephant

Of course its got nothing to do with placating Millen, who stongly objects to Council over the proposed coastal walk going along or slightly within his boundary.

August 5, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterBig Kahuna

Mr Millen is either lucky or clever? No go through my land / $40,000 subsidy for event ... I agree with Big Kahuna - absolute co-incidence surely.
What really must worry us stupid rate-payers is that this is all so evident - not even a little disguise. No robust democratic process with checks and balances, no accountability; nada, zip, nothing. No elected representatives offering up robust questions on behalf of the rate-payers. No proper transparent justifications for anything. Just a 'done deal.'
I love that our elected representatives have created an unelected, non-representative, fully delegated, fully staff supported, non-accountable, and out-of-touch monster that can devour $99,999 at a time whenever it wants to.
What is really sad is that, apart from Bill's Blog readers, very few know and less care.
When is it that we finally begin to loose our patience?
Anyway, the Community Board's must have plenty of money, so all will be well for the hopefuls that missed out from E.D.C.
L.O.L. [not]

August 10, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterRussell

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