Aqua-Culture Suffers Major Setback
Saturday, September 13, 2014 at 11:53AM
Bill Barclay

The totally predictable retreat by the WRC from the Wilson's Bay Fish Farming proposal was heralded in a Matt Bowen's  by-lined story in yesterday's HH.

What a climb-down after all the rhetoric surrounding this project over the last few years - widely lauded and supported of course by both Mayor's Tredigda and Leach. The level of ignorance displayed by supporters of the project of its inevitable environmental effects was mind-boggling, but no means exceptional. It appeared at times that the proponents were either unable, or simply unwilling to read the established literature on the subject, and consequently we have all been put the wringer and cost of hearings and investigation after investigation.

Eventually, it was the economics that killed it - all they had to do was look at what happened with Kingfish farming in Lincoln, South Australia to realise that they were on a hiding to nothing, but no, with Day and others as the cheer squad, WRC proceeded with its "international tendering," only to find there was no interest - surprise, surprise!

This is sort of nonsense that has pervaded economic development in this District for far too long, and demonstrates the utter amateurishness of the approaches adopted at Council level both here and in Hamilton. But not just here - at National level, it has been even worse with the wild-eyed Nick Smith, and ever optimistic Phil Heatley spouting forth about aqua-culture as if it was to be the saviour of our economy. But not a great deal during the election campaign - I wonder why?

Oh well, back to the drawing-board - what else can we do with milk? 




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