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DP Panel Commences Work

The DP Panel got off to a start this morning with a karakia from Wati Namane, and wide ranging introduction from Glenn Leach. Chair Mark Farnsworth then opened proceedings, and promptly called for a morning tea break - the first submitter were not due until 10am. But not before indicating that he would prefer to have the whole process over by Christmas - faint hope!

I will keep an eye on how they progress, but this team of Tony Fox, Mark Farnsworth and Ian Munro look very competent, and I think that they will do a good job - certainly without the issues that would have accompanied its original membership. I consider that Mark Farnsworth needs to given full credit for the extraordinary tact and leadership he showed in securing the removal of Goudie. She had been placed in the position by Leach with consummate ignorance of the likelihood of a strong reaction, and Farnsworth was left with the mess to clean up.

Credit is due also to Dal Minogue who followed through his original complaint with irrefutable evidence of Goudie's unsuitability. Her embarrassment could have been avoided with a little common-sense and foresight on the part of the Mayor. He has become so used to riding roughshod that he did not appear to think for one moment that his choice could be reversed. Believe me, this was a major setback for all concerned, and augers well for the outcome.  

This committee is probably the most important with any council, and ours is no exception. I for one wish them well with the deliberations, and hopefully we will get a workable, and working District out of it.




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