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Rail Trail

As stated earlier, John Tregidga was there in Public Forum to explain what is clearly a major 'stuff-up' with the Rail Trail, but if anyone thought that he was about to become the 'whipping-boy' they had better think again - John was well prepared with complaints of his own about lack of communication, audited accounts, and explanations from the jointly owned Destination Coromandel, which is of course Leach's baby.

This is how he battered away similar complaints about the Rail Trail from round the table, and he was having none of Leach's main complaint about the lack of progress of the Kopu/Kaiaua section. In fact he indicated that HDC had allocated $1m to the project as originally promised, but the Piako Bridge 'clip-on' is proving the sticking point - about $750k by all accounts, and negotiations with NZTA going no-where at present.  

What he did reveal was that Trail manager Mike Barnett having just returned from a six week holiday has until the end of the week to come up with some answers regarding the audit, failure to account, and general management failures on the Trail. But don't worry folks - "It is all going very well on the Trail itself - no sweat!" It is all very puzzling, so I guess everyone will just have to wait and see how well placed is JT's confidence.

Booking software has apparently been the problem (how often these days do you hear about shonky software being the cause of all the problems?), but that has all been fixed, so once again, no sweat!

Clearly Leach and others want a Trust re-vamp after Warren Mayle's resignation. And Sandra Goudie has been given a sweetener having been removed from the DP Panel, being annointed to replace Warren - or is that a poisoned chalice? Who would know?

What I do know is that Leach is determined to get change one way or another, and JT is just as adamant that it should stay the same. But he will see that the management contract is cancelled if Barnett fails to produce the goods by the weekend. So there you have it.  




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