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Un-elected Economic Development Committee

My interest in today's UEDC meeting was really confined to just how Steve Baker would justify bringing what is strictly a revenue (Council only) matter to this unelected Committee for a 'recommendation to Council.'

Steve's rather pathetic excuse was along the lines of "They told me to do it" - a Council workshop apparently. To be honest, I don't think anyone around the table had a clue as to why they were dealing with this matter - see my post below.

It is utterly wrong that any matter concerning revenue or rates should be dealt with by an unelected Committee of Council, and no amount of back-tracking and excuses explain such a course of action. Why on earth the workshop was not advised of just how inappropriate is beyond me. Hammond sat at the table seemingly oblivious of the precedent they were setting, and Baker did not appear much better.

In the end, French indicated bemusement, and then the penny appeared to drop with Leach (who was in the Chair). He moved, and the rest followed that the matter be returned to another workshop, but inextricably with the three unelected members invited to join in - how pathetic!

The remainder of the Meeting was taken up with long boring reports by someone from Bach-Care, and someone else from Coromandel Illume festival. Why unelected members on their "usual professional fees!" should be required to sit through over an hour of this palaver is anyone's guess.

John Tredigda was there at the beginning with an incoherant report about the Rail Trail - more of that later!




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