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The Upshot!

Congratulations to Scott Simpson - a resounding win, if hardly unexpected.

And regardless of all the "I told you so!" pundits who have been climbing all over John Key's bandwagon this morning, what is loud and clear is that Mike Moore was spot-on when following an earlier Labour debacle he said - "The people are always right!"

Whatever the circumstances, and ballyhoo, the vast majority of New Zealanders can see through a fraud like Dotcom, and do whatever is needed to spike his tyres. And Cunliffe can complain about the lack of oxygen all he likes - his failure to categorically condemn Hager's machinations, and Dotcom/Mana's sideshow cost him more votes I believe than he will ever be prepared to admit.

And one more thing while we are about it, the media have totally failed (again!) to pick up on the effect of the news out of Sydney of the terrorism raids on Thursday. The media here may have played it down - deliberately or otherwise, but the message got through nevertheless and all the hoopla about surveillance was water off a duck's back when everywhere else in the Western World the rise of Isis in the Middle East is recognised as one of the greatest threats to our future existence - perhaps greater even than climate change.

I believe the 2-3% increase in turnout could be put down to concern about the need to maintain the strongest possible intelligence gathering apparatus, but not one mention in the MSM of the connection between this and the equivocation of alternative parties on the left in that regard at every turn.




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