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Hauraki Rail Trail

It really does go from bad to worse.

Here is the highly qualified Audit NZ Audit Report  It clearly indicates a state of utter confusion, and unanswered questions regarding the operation of the Trust, and through the Trust the Primary Trail Manager who is controlled through a complicated arrangement with an intermediary Company based in the South Island - Ugh!

I do not intend to highlight the deficiencies here - they are manifest and serious, and indicate a lack of attention on the part of the Trust to its responsibilities, and obligations.

It is appropriate that as the lead Council (including MPDC and TCDC) that HDC has taken full control from the Trust in the meantime, and that steps have been taken to correct the situation. Certainly John Tregidga gave such assurances to the TCDC Unelected Economic Development Committee last week. The lack of financial reports - includings reconciliations since 2012 is simply inexcusable, but as usual, everyone else is to blame!

If you would to see just how an organisation of this nature should not be run, take a look at the Report. It is no wonder that Warren Mayle took a hike (walk!) from the Trust, but he cannot escape some responsibility as the TCDC representative for the period in question. It will be interesting to see how his replacement Sandra Goudie sets about stirring it up. Note the severe criticism of Trustees in the Report regarding 'double-claiming' and lack of supporting evidence for expense claims - if it looks a rort, it smells like a rort, then it probably is a rort.

All the assurances in the World from JT regarding the "success" of the Trail is of little comfort in the face of the Audit Report.

The decision by the UEDC to with-hold further payments to the Trust is timely in the circumstances. There has been no response as yet to the letter informing HDC of this decision.




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Reader Comments (3)

Great Auditors report --not
Where does the '[un]elected TCDC' [Warren J Male] representative stand in all of this-- why did he resign??
Seriously, all three Councils need to come clean on this -- concerned ratepayers aired their concerns about this months ago -- why didn't the powers to be give closer scrutiny to the set up-- were they all duped?
Where was MSM -- -- oh that's right -- cannot question Council

September 23, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterPedal Power

The only winners here in this rail trial are the Hauraki and Matamata Piako D/Councils---trust me.
TCDC needs to keep it's hand in it's pocket-- anybody telling you it will be the saviour for this town are bonkers
The Mayors in the two other Councils are far too sharp for our man-- as for 1mill from TCDC towards the next leg from Kopu to Kiaua -forget it.

September 24, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterBike Pump

Thank you Bill for keeping us informed seeing HH only prints Council press releases - and as for CFM -- wasn't our Council representative a member of that station? Probably why they do not ask the hard questions- another MSM who only read out press releases it would seem.
Heaven forbid if our representative was 'double claiming' -- though I doubt it but the Auditors report castes a slight on all the trustees as it did not name them.
So it appears it is still all happening at the back of the bike shed!!

September 24, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterNigel

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