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Maori Representation

The Report of the 2016 Representation Committee chaired by Electoral Officer Dale Ofsoske will come forward to the Wednesday Council Meeting.

Council resolved to retain the First Past the Post system for 2016 and 2019. The touchy area of Maori representation was refered to this Committee which makes now no specific recommendation - it just sets out the three choices - to have Maori representation, not to have it, or go to a poll on the matter. After that, 5% of electors may demand a poll.The decision has to be made by 23 November.

The consequence of a decision to go with representation (only one would be allowed on the population formula - Maori being 11%), that would apparently require one of the existing positions on Council to change as we are only allowed eight under existing representation rules. That would raise a real storm as presumably it would devolve to Thames to forego one of its existing three positions. No other answer seems likely unless they are prepared to apply immediately to the LGC for an increase in membership.

My feeling is that they will pass on this, and see if a demand for a poll emerges.

To be fair, it seems likely in any case that some other solution may emerge through the Settlement process that allows for a level of joint consultation and decision making with a Maori Board similar to David Taupiri's Auckland set-up. It seems likely that he will be holding out for such a solution based on his Auckland experience. There will certainly be a re-ordering of financial responsibility that may come as a shock. David has previously, (some years ago!) indicated a preference for a separate Maori Board structure that would work alongside and parallel with the Council. 

We will have to wait and see what is contained within the Settlement in this regard, but I would suspect that a decision on Wednesday to taihoa may indicate that an indication along these lines has already been conveyed to Council by Treaty Negotiator Mike Dreaver.

Expect a decision "not to introduce Maori representation" on Wednesday. And that would certainly fit with the  strongly held views around the table regarding Maori preference on any issue.  The content of the Settlement document cannot be too far off!





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Reader Comments (1)

Of course Maori should have a representative on Council-- after all they will become the largest landowners [not necessarily the largest ratepayer though] on the Peninsula once the Treaty Settlement is done and dusted -- better that then a Maori Board [outside Council] acting as an Upper House!!.

September 23, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterTaniwha

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