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Hauraki Gulf - More Hot Air!

The adject failure of highly paid politicians and others to actually do anything about the deterioration of the Gulf is highlighted in this Wayne Thompson NZH report today designed to coincide with the opening of the glorious Boat Show at the Viaduct - more plastic fantastics for the amateur fishing and recreational fraternity to inflict on the Gulf.

The long line-up of pollies wringing their collective hands at this failure would be laughable if it was not so serious. Mr Lee said "The Forum was set up 15 years ago to look after the Gulf." And they have certanly produced some beautiful pamphlets and videos that we can all be proud of - cross sector rhetoric has indeed been of a very high order, but little else appears to eventuated otherwise.

The real doozy came from that well-known protector of all things dairy, Primary Industry Minister Nathan Guy:

"Environmental impacts on the Hauraki Gulf and other water bodies in New Zealand have built up over generations, and from many different sources.

"There is no quick fix, but there is a huge amount of good work underway.

"Three weeks ago National announced our policy of creating a recreational fishing park covering most areas of the inner Hauraki Gulf."

Well that should sort it out then!

There is not a single politician nationally or locally of any influence who is prepared to take the dairy industry head on and demand, nay legislate reductions in nitrogen and effluent run-off that would make a real difference. The so-called "Clean-Water Accord" is a chimera, and already the industry is crying poor after years of super-profits that have in the main gone anywhere but towards mitigation.

Forum Chair John Tregidga "Shared Christine Fletcher and Mike Lee's disappointment."  Good one John!



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