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TCDC Stalls at Crossroads

Sometimes there are comments on posts that need daylight. This one by 'The Big Kahuna' is one such, and I bring it to the top of the pile in order that those who remain on the Council's books understand that their situation is appreciated. Be assured that things can really only improve as the general populace becomes aware one way or another of the takeover of their Council by what may well be described as 'dark forces'!

"The update from TCDC to this blog is interesting. No PG's for bullying or sexual harrassment (fair enough), but what would be more indicative of an unhealthy workplace is how many PG's have been raised over other matters during the "Leach Period", compared to previous periods. Bullying can be called many different things! There are quite a number of current and previous staff who have had "stress leave" (its officially sick leave, so may not be officially categorised as stress leave) during the Leach Period for varying lengths of time (I was one of them), and this point should not be lost. Previous to Leach, it was extremely rare for staff to go on "stress leave". Finally the currrent high staff turnover, illustrated by the constant flow of vacancy advertisements, should be raising red flags in the organisation, and questions should be asked by council as to why the turnover is so high. The word is out in the small local government sector that working at TCDC is not a pleasant experience, and this is will be one of the main reasons why staff are getting harder to come by. TCDC can push the lifestyle as an attraction to the ara all they like, but with a good lifestyle must come a happy work experience."

I don't enjoy writing negative posts about the goings on behind the scenes - especially when it was reported that I have been characterised by the Chief Executive as a "hate blogger," but the simple fact of the matter is that the work situation within the Castle is now deemed by many to be the worst of any within the small local government sector. This unenviable, if informal classification is undoubtedly reflected in the desperate and repeated attempts to fill key positions.




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