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Leach On Song in 2010

On hearing about the unhappiness within the walls of the Castle, I was reminded of this remarkably prescient sound bite from a recording of a Glenn Leach speech at an election meeting in 2010.

It seems that was his intention was achieved. Pity about those who have suffered the consequences. Many of the other outrageous, threatening and often defamatory statements that he made in the course of his speeches (all recorded!), cheered on by his claque of National Party supporters may come back to haunt him in due course.

As a matter of interest, our Council (and Mayor) have chosen to 'take a break' while District Plan Hearings are under way (delayed!). Meetings are supposed to be held every six weeks, but the gap on this occasion is eleven weeks. This is the longest period without a meeting of Council in the memory of many who have had a close association over the years. It could be construed as an expression of contempt for rate-payers generally, but I am sure there will be all manner of excuses put forward.

And there are reports of legal advice having been sought regarding the appropriateness of a certain ex-member of Parliament partaking in certain of the deliberations on matters where she has previously been extremely outspoken. Her involvement, depending on the legal advice may well place the entire DP Hearings work in jeopardy at huge cost to rate-payers.

Only Council can remove her, and this may well explain the long delay between meetings. They won't enjoy dealing with one infuriated member one bit should removal be recommended, and delay while all the options are considered is quite possibly the result.

On Monday, I will seek further  information regarding the content of this advice, and how it may affect her continued involvement in the hearings. The old 'priviledged information' excuse may be used, but such may well be challenged if that is the case.




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