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Official Information Request

Further to the comment in the previous post that I would be making a request for information - here is the actual wording of the OIR sent to Communications Manager Laurna White today:


I would be grateful if you put in train whatever steps are necessary in order to provide the following information:

  1. The Council meeting calendared for 1 October appears to have been delayed until 22 October (your email of 4 September). This is eleven weeks following the previous meeting on 13 August. Can you please advise the reason for this change?
  2. I have been informed that the DP Hearings set for 2 – 4 September have been delayed – can you please also provide a reason for this change, and in addition provide me with a revised schedule of all meetings now proposed for both hearings and deliberations?
  3. Can you confirm that Public Excluded order paper item 8.6 - (DPH  Panel - Admin Matters) relates to the possible exclusion of Panel Member Cr. Sandra Goudie from all or part of the Hearings.
  4. Can I please be provided with a copy of the order paper item, together with any recommendations relating to item 8.6 referred to in 3 above?
  5. Can I please be provided with any actual, or summarised legal advice that may have been obtained in relation to 3 above. 
  6. Can I also please be provided with a copy of any other information, including legal advice  relating to a possible conflict of interest by Cr. Goudie as a member of the DP Hearings Panel that may have been placed before Council at any other time?
  7. Can you please advise as soon as possible the content of any decisions made in relation 4 above, and in addition whether this has any bearing on the delays referred to in 1 and 2 above?

Many thanks


I will post the reply(s) as they are received.




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