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Hauraki Rail Trail

It's all go at TCDC.

Now Leach appointee - Warren Male, has apparently resigned as our "Elected" representative on the Rail Trail Trust.

This follows the report on the HDC's resumption of control of the Trust in my post dated 13 August.

One can only surmise that Warren found his position untenable inasmuch as was apparently unable to obtain vital information on the operation of the Trust. An adverse Audit NZ Report on the matter has not helped.

There is more, much more I suspect to emerge on this matter before it is put to rest. The UEDC (Unelected Economic Development Committee) should deal with the matter on 16 September (the same day the DP Hearings commence) I will drawn towards both - hopefully the timing will be conducive to attendance.




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Reader Comments (1)

Yeah Gods -- the wheels are coming off the wagon. First an elected member resigns from DP comm. and now an [un]elected Council representative [nominated no less by the Mayor] resigns. Then we have the situation of unelected members on the Economic Developement Comm. spending money [$40,000 of ratepayers money] on things like the Leadfoot festival, a privately run boy racers day.
As an aside, if you are a business, check your recent rate demand and see how much Council sucks out of your business for Economic Developement!!--- some of which is spent with no recourse to elected Councillors!
oh happy days -------------not

September 9, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterCrazy Horse

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