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Community Board Moves 'I' Site

After months if not years of indecision, if not fluffing around, the Thames Community Board yesterday finally decided that it must move the Information Centre into vacant space at the Civic Centre. It appears likely that Tourism Coromandel will also move its offices there from Goldfields in due course.

Greg Hampton indicated that he had $30k available for this purpose, but that it may cost more to effect the necessary changes to the old ticket office, and elsewhere in the building in order to accommodate the staff and facilities. It will not include the Transport NZ Agency for licensing etc, which is slated to go elsewhere.

What is interesting is that the long term dream of Mr Day to move this and other facilities to the old Placemaker site appears to have died in its tracks – everyone has lost patience with his grand designs that included Guru Digital and a grandiose software development centre being established at that site. The meeting was told that Guru continues with the development of the blueprint at some considerable expense.

It is staggering just how many of Day’s grand plans appear to have come apart at the seams. And then there is the $20k, or was it $40k previously allocated for the digital mapping of Thames in association with the Wintec. That also appears to have died in its tracks – I think this was another of those wonderfully aspirational Transition Town Thames ideas promoted by Mark Skelding.

I note with some satisfaction that Rex Simpson for one appears unwilling to simply walk away from such an eye-watering waste of money – he appears willing to pursue such matters with gusto, and probing questions – a pity this is not emulated by others around the table, most of whom were of course taken in by all the rhetoric in the previous term. But follow through Rex – don’t be put off!  

The move to the Civic Centre will be accompanied by the establishment of a bus-stop outside the front of the building with an ‘over-flow’ area at the rear of KFC where over-flow Pak-n-Save delivery vehicles currently park up.

The Civic Centre has been the logical venue for the ‘I’ Site for a very long time, but various vested interests conspired to frustrate such a move. It is now timely with the current Pollen St lease expiring shortly, and Greg appears to have done a good job getting the planning to this stage. But it would have helped a ‘final - final’ decision had he competed costings at yesterday’s meeting rather than what he felt was an inflated architects estimate.

They will need to go tender without delay to get the outfit up and running by Christmas – the actual decision appeared to be once again mired in confusion, but members made their opinions quite clear as to the need to shift – much to the relief of ‘I’ Site Chair John Isdale. It just remains to get on with the job – before anyone in the Castle interferes.   




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Reader Comments (1)

The central location of the War Memorial and Civic Centre is, indeed, an ideal location for an information centre.
I will be interested to see how easy the access is for large buses. The Mary / Pollen and Mary / Queen intersections may be difficult for large buses to negotiate - no doubt this consideration has been 'test run' to ensure smooth operations. These two intersections are probably the busiest in town and can be difficult to negotiate in heavy traffic situations....
Looking at the space occupied by the I-site (current location) and the WM&CC available space it is difficult to reconcile the different floor areas? And, while thinking about the plan, is the I-site relinquishing the driver license operation? If not, where is it planned to go and what is the cost implication.
One hopes that bus schedules are not too crowded on Anzac Day, especially in the morning - a bus arriving at dawn, or 11 a.m., and tipping out 40 pax in the middle of the Last Post may be a jot inconvenient?

September 10, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterRussell

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