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BillBarcblog is now on Twitter 

I have avoided social media to date, but following requests from a number of readers, and in recognition of the fact that many are busy and unable to access the Blog regularly, I have now established a Twitter link for BillBarcBlog.

Simply 'follow' 'BillBarcBlog' to pick up headings and where appropriate, a short synopsis that I will enter up each time I post. 

I realise that most regulat readers willl prefer to continue to access the Blog as and when they wish, but the Twitter option is there now for anyone who wishes to use it.

I trust that the New Year went well for all - this will be a big year for our Council, and I hope to continue to provide a useful coverage of its activities, particularly leading up to the adoption of the Ten Year and District Plans.

Already there are indications of severe financial problems, the blame for which our esteemed Mayor and Chief Executive are busy laying on the 2007/2010 Council - a ploy that may impress absentees, but is hardly likely to cut much ice with those of us present who have been able to observe the palpable incompetence  of the present incumbents.

I look forward to your continued patronage, and valued comments.




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