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Recall on the Environment

The attached article by NZH by Jamie Morton from October 10, 2012 is worth recalling just in order to see how much has changed, and how much remains the same in 2014. It covers the Whangmata Surfbreak, New Chum, Te Kouma Wharf and the Waihi Gold Mine.

It does not even mention dairying and the Waihou/ Piako situation. Jamie has shown in recent articles an unwillingness to take the industry on in that regard. This is evidenced in his recent op-ed series on the Hauraki Gulf wherein he quotes Hauraki Plains farmer Conall Buchanan, who is chairing the water quality roundtable for the Spatial Plan:

"A lot is known about water quality in the gulf and the rivers in its catchments, but it is also clear there is a lot we don't know."

This is the standard Fed-Speak designed to divert attention from the principal source of river polution that we all know, but which must remain unspoken. And with all due repsect, having a Hauraki Plains dairy farmer chair the "water quality roundtable" brings to mind foxes in chicken houses!     

It is useful though to re-familiarise ourselves with all the issues raised in the 2012 article as they all still remain on the table, and contentious. Use the Search facility to bring up my previous comments in each case - they vary somewhat from Jamie Morton's view.




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