Freedom Camping By-law Triumph
Wednesday, January 21, 2015 at 5:45PM
Bill Barclay

TCDC has taken little time to claim success for the new By-law, and well it may - there are few other items in 'positive box' on which to lay claims of this nature.

The remarkable thing is that all the previous rancour that existed between the Mayor and the  Motor Caravan Association appears to have put where it belongs, and the relationship now appears all hugger-mugger with Council at least. Whether that leads to a change of heart by the MCA regarding our status as Camper Friendly is another matter. No doubt our friend James Imlay will be watching the situation closely. 

But good luck with the approach to the Rental Van companies - past attempts in that direction have met with total rejection, and an absolute disregard of any responsibility on their part. On the other hand, with judicious exercise of the powers granted compliance staff, and appropriate publicity there has been a noticeable improvement all over the Peninsula, even if it has resulted in some non-serviced vihicles deciding to forego the pleasures of Coromandel. 

Frankly, after watching last evening's TV news report of the situation in New Brighton and Sumner, I don't think we need to be overly concerned at this loss. I forecast that there willl be  many other councils following TCDC's example, and implementing similar By-laws. Perhaps the MCA should be promoting this now that they have worked out their unwarranted concerns here.

Congratulations to all concerned with writing and implementing the By-law - a good effort all round. All the predictions of rejection by properly equipped campers have proven unfounded, even if some questions remain concerning reserves. 




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