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Council Agenda - 28 January. 

Council/Board Distribution from Asset Sales

This has always a contentious issue as Boards have sought to secure advantage from the sale of council owned assets in the Community Board  area, regardless of who paid for it. 

Staff have come up with what appears to be a reasonable recommendation regarding the handling of the revenue from future asset sales that recognises the origin of the funding for the original purchase of the asset - in most cases it will have bbeen Council, and therefore such revenues will return to Council to advantage the whole District, and fair enough. 

This solution appears to have been workshopped, so should be adopted withour argument - we will see. 

Cemeteries By-law, Draft Gambling Policy and Draft Psychoactive Products Policy - see agenda

World War 1 Memorial Forest   - This is beginning to take on the appearance of another 'grandiose' project with staff appearing to push for a $452,556 option that encompasses:

 "Using volunteers for initial planting and first year maintenance, but contractors for long-term maintenance: Using volunteers for planting, and first year releasing - but contractors for site spraying and preparation, and 10-year maintenance."

Other options range fom $232k up to $556k. The project involves the planting 18,166 trees at five sites in each Board area at a rate of around 6,000 per year. They plan to cover some of the cost from grants, and purchase of naming rights by descendants of the those who died. It envisages that the the plantings be consolidated as a National Memorial Forest. Whether this gets national support is moot. The tree varieties have not been mentioned, but I presume that they will be natives. The National WW1 Memorial Forest certainly sounds good, if I might say again, grandiose. 

$65,000 'kick-start' expenditure is planned for Year 1 - 2015/16 from "existing council funds" so that it may commence with the planting of 10 trees - 2 at each site on Anzac Day 2015. I would love to know where these "existing Council funds" that our new Economic Development Manager - Ben Dundar-Smith has located have come from. There seems to be turn on - turn off tap somewhere in there - all you have to do is mention those magic words "Existing Council Funds." The ability of this Council to ignore standard budgeting processes has of course been demonstated on many occasions.  




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