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Anonymous Complaints!

I would not normally respond to anonymous criticism, but on this occasion I think it is appropriate because I am well aware that many of the sentiments expressed in a letter I received today may well be genuinely held by some members of staff.

Basically, the letter is an extended bleat about my having made unfair and untrue accusations that reflect badly on “sincere and hard-working staff” - many of whom work a great deal of “unpaid overtime” – even on weekends! Poor dears!

The letter is written in the recognisable style of a very senior staff member who clearly feels chagrined at what he considers to be the maligning of his ‘”colleagues.” To be honest, I found the letter both insulting and totally out of step with reality considering what has gone on in the Castle over recent times.

The letter writer(s) challenge me to recognise these anonymous complaints on the blog, but as most of its content is a direct attack on me, and on several occasions makes the laughable suggestion that I should change my approach in order to engender greater electoral support in preparation for another shot at Council – what a joke!

I have no intention of reprinting the letter here as it contains a further actionable attack on a departed manager whose name I will not repeat, and against whom the supposed ‘writer’ was utterly frustrated in being unable to secure any kind of police action. It also seeks to villify my 'source(s)' for having time to "delve" into Council records for "juicy bits" for me. What irony!

In other words, the letter is a pathetic attempt to shame me into backing down from my attempts to hold Council to account on a multitude of fronts that are entirely of their own making.

I have no intention of doing so – in fact I have praised this Council on numerous occasions for having undertaken courageous and overdue actions on behalf of rate-payers - Moanataiari and Freedom Camping being but two, but when I consider that its leadership gets too ‘big for its boots,’ I have no hesitation in drawing it to the attention of rate-payers.

This is seldom, if ever directed at those at the coal-face – those in the senior executive group on the other hand are often in the firing-line for good reason, and they are fair game. They along with Mayor and councillors are responsible for policy, and the cock-ups that are often the subject of these posts.

That will continue, and the writer(s) plea for “balanced journalism” will mostly remain a vain hope. Try the HH and other organs of so-called journalism around the Peninsula if that is your need.  This blog will remain my outlet for bringing matters to the attention of rate-payers that would otherwise be hidden, suppressed or otherwise subject to ‘spin-doctoring,’ and my 'opinion' remains integral to that intent.

End of story!



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