Thwaites Glacier Under New Scrutiny
Saturday, October 3, 2015 at 3:59PM
Bill Barclay

News about the possible imminent collapse (well, in the next few years) in West Antarctica,  appears to have  suddenly attracted attention in the US - "because of its possible effect on Florida!"

It is about time - this grossly under-researched glacier has been the sights for sometime as the main deep ice mass being undermined by relatively warm sub-sea temperatures that are circulating the Antarctic, and fully explained in the accompanying article below. 

Read this story in today's Washington Post to get the full picture. It may not be new, but it remains a pretty scary prospect, and one that the scientific community have warned about for some considerable time without having full data as to the current rate of melt.

The problem is that it is neither convenient nor easy to study, being subject to treacherous weather, but study it we must, because sea level rises may be far sooner, and more turbulent that so far predicted in the event of disintegration of this glacier alone. The National Academy of Sciences which runs the US Antarctic Program has apparently had neither the funding or mandate to date to study this West Antarctic activity 

It appears that this is about to change - and not before time, because "It has much more upward potential than we realised." This view is supported by the British Antarctic Survey, and "more and more, the vulnerable point appears to be Thwaites Glacier on the Amundsen Sea."

I don't wish to enter into debate on global warming - I will leave that to far wiser heads than mine - I simply like to pinpoint credible articles wherever I find them. Make what you will of it!




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