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'Encyclopedia of American Loons'

Why would I be interested in the this dreary piece of information? - the range of American loons being apparently endless with freedom of speech in the US guaranteed by its Constitution. This means that just about anyone can become a guru on any subject and gather a following - hence Paul Connett.

If you wouuld like to know more about this Paul Connnett fellow, read his entry as No 1479 in the litany of infamy known as the Encyclopedia of American Loons. Some are just nutters - others are dangerous – he would appear to fall into the latter category, and he heads up the American Anti-Fluoride Network. 

He as it happens is the guru of our very own anti-fluoride leader – Doctor Jane Beck (yes - the one who claims to be a doctor, but who remains unregistered here, or in the UK from whence she hails) Connett is the one who she has promoted on two separate occasions to address public meetings here in Thames.  I attended on the first occasion to get a bead on this guy - he was totally pulled apart when I asked him if he was aware of the extremely low levels of naturally occurring fluoride in NZ water - No, he was not aware of that fact, but it merely caused a small blip in his proselytising stride.  He was still in full flight as I left.

The level of funding obtained by our nutters to pay for the advertising around this town and the pages in the Hauraki Herald, almost beggar’s belief. Where does it come form I hear you ask? Well we have our own Fluoride Action Group here based in Wellington - a national nutter group who are determined to win the Referendum that our Council so unwisely, gutlessly some may say, dumped on our town. They are extremely well endowed - nutters have the ability to attract funding from well-endowed and well-meaning members of our society, and it is currently being spent here in a blatant attempt to influence the Referendum.

Readers should take good note of just what is going on here - Doctor Jane Beck is an extremely clever and now well-resourced individual who has a fawning local following, and who is now recognised as a national leader in the anti-fluoridation campaign. Her very credibility is dependent on winning the referendum here before her poisonous message is promulgated elsewhere.

The manner in which our Council led by Leach was persuaded to follow this course of action will be replicated elsewhere in this Country. If they win, this will be the beginning of a nationally divisive campaign designed to stir up emotion and anger at what the antis perceive as unwarranted medication, and in the case of one of their number here (who also has a following) "Fluoride is Genocide."

We are being treated like idiots, and if we don't vote to repel these nutters at the border, we only have ourselves to blame!




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Reader Comments (1)

Here is one of Paul's crazy quotes:

We have talked about him a number of times on our blog.

His "50 Reasons to Oppose Fluoridation" has been debunked a number of times.


October 4, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterMaking Sense of Fluoride

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